i’m a freelance tv and online journalist; reporter, planner and producer at the BBC’s asia bureau in singapore.
for the past years i’ve worked as a radio/online/social media journalist for DW, germany’s international broadcaster
previous jobs have included lecturer for a journalism class at cologne university of applied sciences, radio journalist for voice of russia, senior editor for a german-russian business magazine, freelance web designer, and plenty of other media-related work. In 2010, a special program i worked on as one of the two editors won the gold radio award at the new york festivals.

work samples:

online: Galaxy S8: Samsung’s most important yet?
online: ‘We don’t have a future’ – Hanjin crews return to uncertain fate
online: The strange story of a stranded ship and its lonely captain
online: Playing with trust – does a social media marketing hoax work?
online: How a central bank can ruin your lunch break
online: Hanjin ships, cargo and sailors stranded at sea
online: Line: A guide to Japan’s messenger giant
online: Self-driving taxi trial kicks off in Singapore
online: China to restrict North Korea’s Air Koryo
online: What’s behind China’s cheap steel?
online: China’s push for driverless cars accelerates
online: China’s market turmoil looks set to continue
online: The six Cs of the China stock slump
radio: hosting DW’s environment program ‘living planet’
radio: Postcard for the BBC on Germany’s 2013 election
online: ‘Russia’s rich dominate Cyprus’ largest bank
online: ‘US and Germany can’t afford chasm of trust’
online: ‘Ireland turns corner from crisis to recovery’
online: ‘Most of Europe has no whistleblower protection’
print: ‘Fingierter Bankraub fuer Stalin‘ (it’s in german but well worth a read. see what google translate can do for you)